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Knowing the Waffles you love | Creamery Twist

Knowing the Waffles you love


What is waffle? How many times you’ve eaten this food? Have you ever tried asking what’s really the meaning of this word, where did it come from and when it was discovered? Well, check on this.

Waffle is a leavened dough or batter cooked between two patterned plates to give a characteristic of shape, size and surface impression. Waffles have many variations based on waffle iron types and recipe used. In Belgium alone, there are over a dozen regional varieties to choose from.

Waffles are widely eaten all over the world particularly in most European countries including Belgium, Germany, France, Poland, Netherlands and the Scandinavia. The United States is also a huge consumer of waffles outside Europe.

It originated in the Middle Ages during the emergence of communion wafer irons around 9th – 10th centuries. The original waffle was only in its basic form composed of grain flour and water – just similar to a communion wafer. During the time of The Crusades, new ingredients and flavorings were added to the basic waffle ingredients. The first waffle recipe was penned in the late 14th century from a husband setting instructions to his young wife. The recipe contained only four ingredients with several variations. This waffle recipe contained no leavening. In 15th century, the physical distinction of waffles to communion wafers started to evolve. The ingredients of waffles became distinct from the communion wafers. Also, new shapes of waffle irons were being produced. The classic grid motifs of waffles appears in a French waffle iron and a Belgian/Dutch wafelijzer, which has shallow engraved fashions. Deeply gridded irons became common throughout The Netherlands.

As centuries passed by, new ingredients were added to improve the taste of waffles. Today, waffles remained extremely popular in Europe and the US. Many ready-to-cook waffle mixtures are available in supermarkets, for those who want to make their own waffles at home using waffle-makers.

There are over 20 variations of waffles that are documented. Some of the commonly known waffles include Brussels waffles, Liège waffle, Flemish waffles, American waffles, Belgian waffles, Bergische waffles, Bergische waffles, Pandan waffles, Potato waffles, Scandinavian style waffles, Stroopwafels, Galettescampinoises, Hotdog waffles and Hotdog waffles.

Depending on the taste of the person, one can choose to a wide variety of toppings for the waffle. Some of the most commonly used waffle toppings include butter, chocolate chips, apple butter, fruits, dulce de leche, honey, chocolate spread, jam or jelly, peanut butter, whipped cream and syrups.

Waffles are a primary product offered in dessert parlours. It goes hand in hand with gelato. The combination of soft, delicious waffles and gelato are often paired in dessert parlours. People have a wide range of options when pairing these two desserts. In fact, many dessert parlours offer waffles on an ice cream cone shape with gelato on them.


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