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Crepe – Not Just Your Ordinary Pancake | Creamery Twist

Crepe – Not Just Your Ordinary Pancake


A crepe is a type of very thin pancake. It is made from buckwheat flour or wheat flour (commonly known as crêpes de Froment in France).

Crepe is a French word meaning “curled.” The recipe originated in Brittany, a region in the northwest of France. It is served with a variety of fillings from the simplest sugar sprinkles to the most elaborate galettes.

While crepe is associated with Brittany, its consumption is widespread in many parts of Europe, particularly in France, Quebec and Belgium. It is also popular in North Africa.

Crepe and culture

Crepes are traditionally served in France during “La Chandeleur” on February 2. While this day is originally the day of the Virgin Mary’s Blessing, it became known as “The Day of the Crepes” in France. This day is colloquially known as the “National Crepe Day,” referring to the tradition of offering crepes. This tradition holds the belief that a person would become rich that year if he or she will be able to catch the crepe with a frying pan after tossing it in the air using his or her right hand while holding a gold coin with the left hand.

Increasing number of Creperies

A creperie is an establishment primarily serving crepes. It may be a stall or a takeaway restaurant for crepes as a form of street food or fast food. In some instances, it can be a formal café or sit-down parlour.

Creperies are a common place typical of Brittany in France. With the rising popularity of crepes, they can be found all over Frances, as well as in many other countries.

Creperies offer diverse selection of crepes and other baked products. A crepe can be served both as a main meal and as a dessert. Furthermore, they can also be enjoyed with coffee, tea and buttermilk. In France, cider is a popular drink that goes well with crepes.

Crepes and Gelato

Because crepes are delicious regardless of its accompanying drink or dessert, many people are becoming experimental with pairing it with gelato. A gelato is an “ice cream” originally from Italy. It is creamier and healthier than the traditional ice cream.

People who are conscious of their health often pair crepes with gelato because of the good combination of flavors that these two desserts produce. In fact, many gelato parlours have crepes and gelato paired in their menu.

With the health benefits of both crepes and gelato, it is no wonder that people are now inclining over trying various flavors of gelato to go with their crepes.



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